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Lifting Systems

Lifters are used for your convenience , You will be enabled to open or close the doors easily As same as our other products, VOLKATO is a leading company for producing mentioend items with high stability, elegant design, high durability and quality.

VOLKATO lifters can be combined with design elements such as cornice or crown
ideal for wall cabinets with additional cabinet above in a larder unit installation
can also be used with low wall cabinets
close easily and ergonomically and ensures silent and effortless closing
easy access to the cabinet interior
stops at any opening position
easy assembly and adjustment
no protruding parts
6 dimensional adjustment for front door

A high quality runner systems for:
above doors-made possible by concealed VOLKATO runner system.
Ensuring heavily doors uplift have smooth running action and then
always close silently and effortlessly thanks to VOLKATO